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At Bourgneuf, we have created a healthy, safe and learning environment. We recognize the work of our employees as they are the foundation of our success and constant growth. We know that only happy, involved employees can help us reach our goals and surpass ourselves.

What our employees think

"Working at Bourgneuf is fun because we help each other! When there is a problem, we find solutions, everyone together! People are respectful: we say hello and thank you! My Bourgneuf adventure allowed me to learn another job in life! Industrie Bourgneuf manages its employees well as soon as they arrive. The people I meet every day are much more than coworkers, they are now friends! "

Christian Giroux

Quality controller

" Having fun while working is possible! At Industrie Bourgneuf, time just flies by, because the days are never the same! It's a beautiful company because the team is solid and we help each other during challenges! It is not discouraging to get up in the morning to come and work! Have you ever worked in a clean and safe environment? At Industrie Bourgneuf, it's a priority! "

Luc Nadeau


" Working with a smile in a friendly atmosphere is wonderful. We work hard, but mutual aid helps us achieve great things. The company thinks of its employees, recognizes their work, and consults them. Working at Bourgneuf means participating in an adventure! "

Johanne Carrier


A strong workplace

Industry Bourgneuf fundamentally believes that employees’ happiness is the foundation of success in an organization.


Bourgneuf’s benefits

Human beings throughout

  • A respectful employer, available and attentive to your needs
  • A united workforce
  • Where your opinion counts!

Complete range of social benefits

  • Competitive remuneration
  • Group insurance
  • Contribution to an RRSP system from your employer
  • Bonus

Skill development

  • Refresher training
  • Employer paid training for specialized profession
  • Continuous improvement

A work-family balance

  • Your week-end begins Friday at noon
  • Flexible working hours

Fun at work

  • Organized social activities
  • Social club

Opportunity for advancement

  • Possibility of advancement

Your security, our priority

  • A safe and clean work environment

Diversified and motivating projects

  • At Bourgneuf, no routine! Every day will be different
Be part of Bourgneuf’s experience

Careers possibilities

Looking for a job in a dynamic, collaborative team? You are a person known for his autonomy and his thirst for learning? Within Industry Bourgneuf, you will find challenges to your measure. Want to take part in our success? Become our next colleague! Industrie Bourgneuf is always looking for rare pearls. Here are the positions that exist.

Technician in Mechanical Engineering



Administrative assistant


Quality controller

Lift truck operator


Stock keeper

Administration technician


Daily worker


Laser operator


Production director

Opportunities for internship

Looking for an internship or position that will launch your career? Bourgneuf industry is the place to develop! An experienced team constantly seeking improvement will accompany you in your first professional step!


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