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Metal processing, a strong expertise

A competitive turnkey service

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Industrie Bourgneuf is your manufacturer you can count on to make your parts made from metal, steel, stainless or aluminum. With all the services combined, you benefit from consistent quality, a simplified process and a shorter delivery time.

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This is the term commonly used to refer to the process of transforming a metal tube or bar along a radius and angle. To do this, various types of benders can be used. Industrie Bourgneuf is recognized for its production capabilities in tube bending and works with its customers to produce a multitude of parts with complex curves.

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We work with different welding techniques as part of our work. To meet the demands of our customers, we use semi-automatic welding (MIG) that allows us to weld steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We also use TIG welding and soldering (flux) welding which ensures a superior quality of finish.

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Laser cutting is a process that uses fiber technology in order to cut the material thanks to a laser beam that releases a large amount of energy on a very small surface. We use laser cutting in many situations since it combines precision and speed of execution, in addition to avoiding any deformation of material. We have two laser cutting centers available, one for sheet metal and one for tube metal. We have a press that also allows the stamping of parts to pierce or remove parts

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The use of press brakes allows us to give the desired shapes on sheet metal. We have a wide range of toolings giving us a lot of possibilities for the execution of your requests.

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Our goal, to help you through to the last step. No need to follow the logistics and transport between different suppliers. We take care of everything. Opt for a complete solution: from cutting to finishing, we do it all!


For an optimal quality result, we offer the polishing service. Avoid the natural imperfections of the metal and choose the polishing of your parts. Several processes and techniques are used by our master polishers to improve the appearance of your products.


Recognized for its durability and anti-corrosion properties, electrostatic powder paint allows us to meet the highest standards of our customers. Ask for information about the several colors and finishes available. Opt for the environmentally low impact uniform and aesthetic finish


Plating offers additional protection to your pieces. This process improves durability and avoids the possible risks of corrosion naturally present in steel. Put your parts on their "31" and offer them a copper, chrome or metal plating


The main objective of the galvanizing process is to protect steel from corrosion by covering the steel with a thin layer of zinc. This durable process guarantees the longevity of your parts.


Anodizing is a process that controls the oxide on parts to protect them from oxidation. This process reduces the risk of cracks in aluminum.


Blasting is a technique that aims to modify the structure by projecting balls (shot) onto metal parts to improve the condition of the surface and increase its lifespan.

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Our team can produce a wide range of metal parts for a diverse clientele. Whether it is for production line parts, interior or exterior decorative elements, or any metal parts, we manufacture customized components for different sectors.


Safari Condo
As a staff member in the purchasing department at Safari Condo and long-standing client of Industrie Bourgneuf, our relationship with them is truly a genuine partnership. Industrie Bourgneuf is a partner of choice for all our projects as they are always attentive to their clients’ needs and seeking innovative solutions. I look forward to doing business with them for years to come.
- Nathalie Bolduc
Senior Buyer
It didn’t take me long to realize, after working closely with Industrie Bourgneuf for nearly a decade, that they are a reliable partner and an expert in the field. Industrie Bourgneuf is extremely responsive and flexible in accommodating our needs, both in development and day-to-day operations. I highly recommend their services.
- Kristofer Breton
Logistics Manager
Industrie Bourgneuf is a valuable partner for Dutailier. Their delivery service, high-quality standards, and ability to find solutions reinforce our confidence in this partnership. Suppliers of this calibre are increasingly hard to find. We wish Industrie Bourgneuf continued success!
- Martin Rossignol
Operations Support Manager
Source International
Source International has been working with Industrie Bourgneuf since late 2019 and we could not be happier with the experience. From start to finish, Marie-Claire and her team have been professional, responsive, and attentive to detail. One thing that really stands out to us is the quality of the materials and workmanship. The products that we receive are of the highest quality, with clean lines, smooth finishes, and precise dimensions. In addition to the quality of the products themselves, we are impressed by the level of customer service that we receive from Industrie Bourgneuf. Overall, I would highly recommend Industrie Bourgneuf to anyone in need of sheet metal fabrication and steel tubing products. Their combination of skilled workmanship, exceptional customer service and commitment to quality make them a standout in their field, and Source will continue to grow our business with them.
- Tim Wolfe
Purchasing and Inventory Manager
We’ve had a business relationship with Industrie Bourgneuf for over 15 years and we’ve always been extremely satisfied with their services. Despite periods of instability (pandemic, inflation, labour and parts shortages), Bourgneuf has remained attentive to our needs and adapted to our reality, for which we’re very grateful. In addition, we had the privilege of discussing various corporate strategies with their senior management to help shape our vision for the future. I can confidently recommend this company.
- Luc Forand

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