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Discover Our Laser Tube : Maximizing Your Projects with Precision

Discover Our Laser Tube : Maximizing Your Projects with Precision

July 4, 2024


At Industrie Bourgneuf, our laser tube has been a core part of our technological equipment for over 5 years. Today, we want to highlight its exceptional, often underutilized capabilities to transform your projects with unmatched precision. This tool does more than just cut metal; it completely changes the way we manufacture complex parts.

Exceptional Capabilities of the Laser Tube

Our laser tube enables us to perform tenon-mortise assemblies, a method that allows for precise piece assembly. Traditionally used in carpentry, we apply it to metal, providing increased precision and robustness to your constructions, while minimizing the need for welding

The Benefits of Tenon-Mortise Assembly

With the laser tube, the pieces fit together perfectly, which is crucial for constructions that need to be highly precise. This technique also simplifies assembly and reduces costs by decreasing the number of jigs to be manufactured and the risk of positioning errors in production.

Increased Flexibility and Precision

Our laser tube is not limited to precise assemblies; it also allows for complex cuts and detailed engravings on various materials such as steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. This opens up a world of creative possibilities for our clients’ projects.


Our laser tube, a key element of our technological equipment, is ready to bring your projects to life with exceptional precision and efficiency. At Industrie Bourgneuf, we are experts in utilizing this technology to provide innovative and tailored solutions. To discover how we can transform your ideas into impressive realities and enhance the value of your projects, contact our team today. We look forward to collaborating on your initiatives and helping you achieve your goals with excellence.


By Carol-Ann Busque